Expedia's Surprise Trips

Go on an adventure to a surprise destination

A Surprise Trip is a city break to an unknown destination, making this the ultimate surprise for yourself or someone else. You won’t have to keep it a secret, we will!

About Expedia’s Surprise Trips

  • Your surprise destination will be revealed on arrival to your specified departure airport.
  • All Surprise Trips depart from the UK & Ireland
  • We currently offer 77 weekend destinations in Europe – view all Our Destinations
  • You can exclude up to 3 destinations (beside Paris & Barcelona: we’ve excluded those for you already)
  • Flights are at convenient times, and never more than 3,5 hours.
  • All packages include return airfares and minimum three star hotel. Upon arriving in your destination you’re on your own!
  • Available to use for UK, IE, CA, AUS, NZ, US & EU (Schengen) passport holders.
  • You need to own a smartphone with working internet to be able to use this.

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How it works

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About Us

Imagine this: you’re sitting behind your desk at your office job, the soft soundtrack of fluorescent office light buzzing in the room, while day dreaming of the epic adventures you COULD be having. Instead, your weekends are just a blur of… sameness. I guess the local pub is cool… 

… but you could be in a pub in Warsaw instead.

You said this year it’d be different. THIS year you would break free from routine and go on an ADVENTURE. But… it’s scary, right?!

Let us send you on an adventure. We believe the best trips are the ones you are totally unprepared for. When booking a trip with Expedia's Surprise Trips we’ll book your flight and hotel, and we won’t tell you where you’re going. All YOU have to do is pack your undies and show up to the airport. Two hours before your flight departs we’ll tell you where in Europe you’re going. How’s that for breaking the routine? 

Expedia's Surprise Trips offers a trip to a surprise destination in Europe from the UK. Click here to find out more

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