We are travel lovers. We are adventurers. We are people who believe life should not be lived in one place. We believe the best memories come from the unexpected, and nothing makes you feel more alive than jumping into a new adventure. We are Expedia’s Surprise Trips.

Surprise Trips is a Expedia UK project that was launched in February 2016. Since then we’ve caught the attention of The Guardian, Metro, Refinery, The Sun and Express. Popular UK influencers such as Helen Anderson, Hannah Witton, Hand Luggage Only and Rock ’n Roll Bride have taken Expedia’s Surprise Trips and recommend us on their websites. Since the launch dozens of UK travelers have jetted off with us to exciting destinations across Europe. From the chilly streets of Sweden to the warm beaches of Portugal: our customers have seen it all.

All Surprise Trips are Expedia package holidays, and thus bound by the terms and conditions of those. If you’d like to know more about Expedia’s Surprise Trips, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact page.